Sunday, September 14, 2008


Friday, August 15, 2008

Well, there's not really much exciting going on right now, but I haven't posted to this blog in a while, so here it goes!

Let's see.....Jack is sitting in the play/exersaucer thingy eating some Cheerios and trying to tell me something. LOL! He drums on everything, so he is smashing quite a few of them and breaking a lot of them before they get to his mouth. :)

Jacob is sneaking around, trying to get my Dr. Pepper! He is also watching Jonathan and talking to him while....

Jonathan is packing to go to a friend's house and spend the night! He is so excited! I've got an activity for them to do tomorrow morning that I am going to send along with them. I'm sure the other boys will love it as well. Plaster of Paris is amazing. LOL!

Jayla is in Texas at the moment. She has been there since last Sunday night and I am going to take Jack on the train tomorrow to go get her! We'll be back Sunday night. She is stoked that she gets to ride a train! She's been totally spoiled by my little brother and his family this week. I'll blog about it with TONS of pictures and videos when we get back.
I guess that's about it for this moment in LIFE. :)

Monday, June 9, 2008

Jacob can really surprise me sometimes. This morning I started to blow up at him when I discovered he had spilled (on purpose) half a can of powdered formula all over his train and track! I tried to explain that it was his baby brother's FOOD and that he CANNOT DO THAT!!!! He made a sad face and said, "I was pretending it was snow." Then Jonathan piped in "It looks more like quarry dust." I smiled to myself and just cleaned up the mess. (sigh)

Friday, February 1, 2008

Jonathan just informed me that he knows how many pennies are in $10. He said 1,000. I thought about it for a couple of seconds and said, "Yep, you're right!" He asked me if I knew how he knew that, so of course I asked him to tell me how he figured it out. He said "I knew $9 was 900 pennies, so I just added another hundred for one more dollar!" Smart kid! He does math in his head ALL the time! He definitely gets that from me. I am constantly doing some sort of math or counting steps, etc. It actually drives me insane sometimes! Jayla and Jonathan both are counting right now. I thought they were going to 100, but they're in the 150's now, so I think they're attempting to go to 1,000. That will be a first for Jayla, but I know she can do it as long as she doesn't forget where she was. LOL! Jacob is flying his trains around the room. He loves those trains! I think he is playing with James and Percy right now. He has some generic ones too, but he loves the Thomas & Friends engines the best. Jonathan loved trains at this age too, but not like Jacob does! The kid is obsessed! LOL! He found Jayla's pink engine last night and gave it to her while excitedly telling her, "Oh, Rosie! I found Rosie for you, Sissy!" It was really sweet. :) Jack has been sitting here smiling and playing with his sister and brothers, but he is just now starting to get vocal. I guess I should rescue him before he gets too worked up! Jayla is passing 300 now! Woohoo!!!! :)

Monday, January 21, 2008

Jayla is playing with Jack helping him "exercise" while he is on his tummy. :)

Jacob is sorting clothes. He brought a load of clean clothes in and dumped them in the middle of the floor, so now he is sorting them into piles.

Jonathan is counting his money for the umpteenth time. It is mostly pennies, and he has $9 worth! It came out to $9.16, so he gave Jayla 16 pennies. :)

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I woke up really late this morning. The house was totally quiet, so I was very curious what I was missing.....or if the kids were missing! I walked into the living room where they were all (except Jack, who was with me) watching cartoons. The TV was turned down low, and the room smelled of oranges! I've only been up a few minutes, so that is still what it is like in here! Jonathan had been playing computer games, but he was turned around watching TV when I joined them.

Daddy bought each of the kids 2 baskets to fill with fruits and veggies. He did that yesterday and told them that the fruit in the baskets, each had their own color, was their own fruit to eat however quickly or slowly they wish. One had apples and bananas in it and was sitting on the table, the other for each of them had baby carrots and oranges in it. So I walked in here this morning to all of them munching on their goodies. They all have *both* of their baskets in here chowing down! LOL! I think they have been eating healthier than me lately! I'm SO thankful that they love to eat healthy. They even scold me if I have something like a Dr. Pepper that they know is bad. :) So far I am pleased with their choices. They seem to be very health-conscious for being so young, so even though I don't always practice what I preach myself, they are understanding how important it is! Thank you, Father God!

I'm also thankful they are learning to be respectful with things like keeping the TV down low. :) So far I have had a great start to my day! I hope it continues! Woohoo!!!!!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Jayla got her glasses, so I just wanted to post a picture. Jacob ended up needing some too, but he won't have to wear his as much. Jayla has Amblyopia (Lazy Eye), so we'll be doing some patching next month. We think Jack may have that too, so he will be tested when Jayla goes back. Jayla's picture is a little dark because I had to turn the flash off. I could fix it but that would take more time. LOL! Jacob's picture has a glare on his glasses and his face is all red and shiny because he has a cold (gross!), so I'll have to get new pictures of both of them in a few days. (sigh)

I hate that they (especially Jayla) have to wear glasses, but at least they can see now! I had no idea how blind Jayla is in her left eye!!! Hopefully that will improve greatly over the next couple of years.